To be or not to be.

As part of my English Literature class that I am taking at school, us students are expected to read and analyse Hamlet, Shakespeare’s longest play ever. While reading it, I went through a whole lot of extremely complex monologues that I spent time comprehending. Upon reaching Act 3 scene (i), I found myself in front of the most famous line in English Literature: ‘To be, or not to be’. What Shakespeare meant by these words could be seen from different angles and explained in various ways, each in his own unique way. One obvious thought that Shakespeare wanted to send, is death and suicide. After reading this soliloquy more than five times, I got it. Shakespeare, I suppose, wanted to transmit the thought of afterlife. What was also weird about it is that there is no ‘I’ or ‘am’ in the passage, Shakespeare, instead, poses the question as a matter of philosophical debate. When he claims that everybody would commit suicide if they weren’t uncertain about the afterlife, it sounds as if he’s making an argument to convince an imaginary listener about an abstract point. Are we that stupid?. Would human beings really end their life if they were comforted with what was coming after?. Hamlet was written more than 400 years ago, and this line still applies to our current world. People are always doing things with the thought of afterlife, always thinking about the consequences and results.
I, personally have this very annoying habit of thinking about every result that could occur if i do a certain thing. This habit, or lifestyle, has caused a lot of problems for me, it has brought me sadness and regrets. Regrets that I didn’t do this and that.
I have always thought of my words, what I should say and how to say it.
I have always thought of people and if they really do like me or they are only pulling on a mask. All of this gave me a hard life to lead and as much as I want to stop it, it keeps coming back, stronger and stronger.
Should we always reconsider our actions and think them thoroughly before doing them? Or should we just go ahead and DO IT? do life, live life, happily and without regrets.
It was just a thought that popped into my mind, and try reading this.

‘To be or not to be that is the question’.
And my question to you, is all our thoughts worth the burden we are carrying?.


One thought on “To be or not to be.

  1. One of my great fears in life is regret. In fact, I would go as far as saying it is my greatest fear. Over the past few years I have (of course) done things I regret and now, I suppose, I think about the consequence of every action I do. All I ever seem to think about before doing something is whether I will regret it in the future, what the possible negative implications are and of course “to be or not to be?”.

    Thank you for your post, as I am writing this, I think that perhaps I shouldn’t think so hard about doing things, I should do it and then learn from the result. After all, we learn from our mistakes. Maybe I should stop thinking so much about consequences of actions and live my life with “‘to be or not to be’ ’tis NOT the question, there is only ‘to be'” as my motto.
    However, I am now stumbling upon a paradox: Am I regretting worrying about regretting?…

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