Where rainbows end.

If you read books by Cecilia Ahern, you would definitely know what my title alludes to. Friendships! ‘Where rainbows end’ is a book written to prove the following quote : ‘true friends can grow separately without growing apart’. What is amazingly depressing about the book is that these two close friends remain far away from each other until they reach the age of 50. However, upon reaching that age, they reunite like there wasn’t a huge time gap that separated them from their bond. This book has been one of my favourite books throughout my teenage years and I don’t think it will ever stop being one. A friend of mine, who actually gave it to me to read, thinks it’s TOO depressing and painful. I always disagreed with her, and wondered how can someone find this book frustrating? Now I get it.

With school coming to a permanent end in few months, it feels bitter-sweet being a senior. I can’t really describe my high school years in words, they were um, you can say a drama thriller roller coaster. Yes, that is exactly what it was. Like a theme park, when you think you have reached the top, you suddenly fall, harshly. Friends, well that word, its definition changed over time. As a kid, I thought friends were the people you went to school with, the people you work on school projects with, the people you talk to about fun and games. As a teen, things were not that innocent anymore. You discover that friends are backstabbers and selfish. The people you thought will remain in your life forever, prove to be the people you will actually forget. I am not talking about everyone, I am just generalising. Throughout high school, you get to meet more people, meet new personalities, some you wish will never change, and some you pray they do. Whoever knows me, knows I love my school. I can name every class every corridor every teacher every cleaner every corner, I can even tell you the number of nails each chair has. I am personally attached to my school, and I really do feel it is my second home, no matter what hardships it has brought me. 3 months, only THREE months and it will all be over. June and July will be filled with chaos, graduation dinners and prom. But does it really matter that much? Picking the perfect dress, the perfect hairdresser, all this for events that will only mark the end, the end of HIGH SCHOOL.

I really cannot wait for it, for all the drama, the backstabbing, the gossiping, the useless talks, the selfishness and the usage of one another, to end. Will I regret this? regret rushing things, especially in my senior year? Will I miss my ‘friends’, ‘teachers’ and all the drama? I most definitely will. But everything comes to an end. Each rainbow has its end point. And ours is just months away.

30 years from now, how will my relationships be with the people from my high school years? how will my whole life be? These are questions that ONLY time can answer, and with time, we will know, we will know if we are all friends like Ahern’s book, or if our friendships are rainbows with no significant end.

Depressing, I know 😦


2 thoughts on “Where rainbows end.

  1. Everything in this life outside ourselves is changing, and I think we should not be attached to and influenced by it. The only things that do not change with time are principles that define our characters. The whole life has meaning only around those principles. It does not matter how good and how bad other people are to you, but that to live your principles as independent rather than being a dependent and reactive person.

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