The iceberg under the surface.

Suddenly, my Facebook home page and twitter timeline were massively filled with people, all ages all interests, sharing the most recent youtube dilemma ‘Stop Koni’. People who used to share useless bumper stickers, post pointless statuses and publish random pictures suddenly shared this youtube film with the title ‘STOP KONY’. It is kind of encouraging, comforting, to see that all types of people, even kids, were posting the, what now is a common statement around us, ‘STOP KONY and MAKE HIM FAMOUS’. I strongly recommend everyone to watch this short film as it is really a true wake up call to what is happening around us.

I like to think of our world as a jungle. Stop Kony really opened my eyes into stuff that were not that obvious to me.

Yesterday, my C3 mathematics mark arrived from Edexcel’s board of examination in England to my school. I would like to mention here that the british educational system is one of the longest and toughest systems ever. It all starts from Grade 9, four years, four complete years are spent in doing past papers, checking syllabuses, doing solomon and trying to predict questions. A-level students would also get when I say there is a clear gap between grade 10 and 11. So anyways, as an a-level student, I became used to the distribution of results and the anticipation it brings. Stress comes first, then once your eyes are set on the paper, you either feel happy or dissatisfied. No matter how many times you have done it, that moment, that specific moment before you get your paper, is the worst in the world, or that was what I thought it was.

Being an A* student for almost all my life, I have been always used to being a high achiever and never saw a mark below 90 on that paper. Until yesterday.

I saw a B, and what followed the B was something worse, I saw two numbers, two numbers that probably broke my heart; 71/100 %. I remained  silent for 3 or 4 hours, I couldn’t digest what I have seen or what I have read. My heart skipped beats and my mind was angry, with myself. It was maths, my favourite subject, the only subject I felt comfortable with. Even though, this mark doesn’t affect my university admissions nor my goal which is an A in total, I was disappointed.  Frustration came in next, and so on. Until noon, that is when I felt so much of an ignorant, a brat actually.

I opened the laptop out of depression and frustration and decided to see that film ‘Stop Koni’ and understand more about it. When I finished watching it, I felt SOOOOO STUPID!

A kid called Jacob, whose brother was murdered in front of him by the army of Joseph Koni, was uneducated. His one and only dream was actually to go to school, to continue studying and become a lawyer.

And here I am, crying and dwelling on a mark that didn’t even define me. And here is Jacob, crying over the scene of his brother’s slaughter and the murder of his people. At that moment, I had some kind of comfort in my heart, I had everything I ever dreamed of in my life, and I was worried about getting a B or an A in a useless exam.

I prayed that night, I prayed that God would drown these kids with his mercy, that these kids, and every other kid would have a warm home to sleep in. My heart ached, not because of that 71, but because of the cruelty the people have to suffer from.

Our earth is a jungle, people have their priorities shuffled. Last night on twitter, Stop Koni was trending worldwide along with the release of a new apple product. I am not against technology nor its immense distribution nowadays, but I am against when it is not used to serve and help humanity, but to harm it. I really hope that Joseph Kony is stopped and arrested, and the children of Uganda will be, one day, able to play in their neighbourhood freely, without the fear of being abducted and murdered brutally.

Just wanted to tell you that marks are not important, nor are exams. Be kind to one another, be graceful and most importantly, always try to make a difference. Eventually, that will be all what matters.

Thank you God.


One thought on “The iceberg under the surface.

  1. Imagine if for boys these things happen, what is happening to the girls and women!! Uganda is classified as the second worst place for women after Afghanistan. India and Pakistan follow these two countries. God alone knows what suffering is out there.

    We humans are naturally ungrateful, and we do not really see and be thankful of what we have, but rather we are greedy, look far away from ourselves, we need more and more luxurious non essential things, while many just wish to have enough food to eat, clean water to drink, and a shelter to live in.

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