A leap of faith.

The leading cause of death worldwide, accounting for more than 7.6 million deaths annually.

Numbers of deaths expected to rise 13.1 in 20 years.


What is there to say about this disgusting life and family wrecking disease that brutally causes suffering and usually murders?

It is difficult to comprehend that this ‘murderer’ arises from only ONE SINGLE CELL!

Throughout my childhood years, I have heard people saying ‘ya haram ma3ha saratan’..or ‘only 30 and has last stage cancer’, these phrases came like the breezing air, and I never really thought about it. This also added up to being raised in Amman, not a very developed country, and as statistics have showed that cancer deaths are high  in low- and middle-income countries, like Jordan. Things have changed though, and nowadays, awareness campaigns have been distributed all around Jordan, giving advices and tips on how to prevent the risk of having cancer, even if by a small percentage.

My own personal choice to neglect even reading about cancer changed when it invaded the body of someone really special to me. I can only say, that out of experience, the acceptance of this invader, this soul wrecker, is nearly impossible. It is really hard to see someone suffer being a victim of this, ruthless, remorseless villain, and all you can do is sit down pray and give them comfort.

Anoud Hindawi, is an inspiration, and I believe the whole world should know her story, or lets say the people who are reading this.

Anoud, a classmate and special friend of mine, was diagnosed with cancer 5 years ago, and was cured after several chemo sessions. Two years after, meaning we were grade 9, her cancer came back. And it came back stronger than ever, but not stronger, not an inch stronger of her positive attitude and determination. After two years of suffering and frustration, Anoud told me ‘I have decided to take this experience as a happy go lucky journey, intended to leave my positive attitude as my first priority, badia’. I prayed for this girl, with all my heart and soul, an innocent angel should not suffer from this disgusting disease, she should be with us, enjoying grade nine and school. Anoud made wigs look like the new fashion trend, her face shone like the sun itself, and she never ever made you feel that she is sick or in pain. A year passed and Anoud came back to school, still with her cancer status unknown. Last year, we received great news; Anoud is completely cured. I still remember the message she sent me that day, she was very happy, she told me her doctor has told her : ‘for the first time, Anoud, you are 100% free of cancer, cured with not one single cancer cell’. It was the most amazing message I have ever received. Last night, I was thinking about cancer, and what it does to us human beings, to the victims of it and the people whom surround them, so I asked Anoud, and she told me ‘being strong and faithful is the most important thing, being optimistic is the key to success in this tough journey, and here you go, I’m standing on my knees today clear from all what’s called cancer’.

Reading that phrase made me wish and pray that my special person will be able to say these words to me, soon, very soon. Actually, let us all pray that everyone, each and EVERY soul can pronounce these words. Let our world be cancer free. Let us not fear it, but fight it. Let us not allow cancer patients to feel different around us, but feel loved. Let us give tender, and kick out illness. Our world is becoming a wicked jungle, and all what we have left is each other, and of course faith. Let us believe in EVERY single patient, even if it was last stage cancer, let us believe he/she can be healed. Let the doctors provide extreme care to each and every patient, each and every child, each and every human soul. We are all humans, equal, and therefore we all require equal medical treatment. Putting a smile on a cancer patient’s face, is the most amazing thing in the world. They go through a roller coaster of emotions, and that is why we need to have empathy.

I salute Anoud Hindawi for her courage, positivity, inspiration, faith, hope and the never ending fountain of support she now gives cancer patients. You will do great things in your life, you are only 17 and you have already defeated an angry enemy, won a difficult war and ended up alive, stronger and healthier than ever 🙂

Always always pray people, have faith in each other. BELIEVE in miracles, I know its hard, but that is my personal mission from now on.

I wish one day, the only definition of cancer, would be to describe one of the zodiac signs.


2 thoughts on “A leap of faith.

  1. Your writing gives hope to many people who are currently fighting cancer or any other battle… appreciated how you are realistic yet positive. keep on writing.

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