Monthly Archives: May 2012

To the Lighthouse.

And so, it has been a long time since I last blogged. I miss writing randomly with no point what so ever but then suddenly figuring out a path I can take so I can wrap up  my post, confusing I know. SUMMER is just around the corner, a month seperates me from hectic pre-graduation days and final realxation after 12 years of school!!!:) However, we still have to prepare for what people call ‘harsh reality’.

These days I am doing nothing but studying for my english literature external which is 3 weeks from now, and as I was reading something about the poem-like novel  by Virginia Woolf, whom I must say is as powerful as her name alludes, I stumbled through some thoughts that I found quite interesting.

TO THE LIGHTHOUSE is a novel based on thoughts, inner deep deep thoughts. It is taken from reality in a brilliant way that you can’t but find it difficult to understand, if you are such an unrealistic person like me. I had a difficult time reading it and analysing it as I was so excited to reach the end and just know what will happen, like every narrative story or movie, where you want to finish it so you can satisfy your curiousity. To the Lighthouse is written with everything but that narrative style, where Woolf, highlights the importance of moments rather than endings.

One day in the book is expressed through 100 pages and 10 years are written in 3 pages. First time I read it, I thought to myself who is this crazy women that spends so much time describing moments and analysing every bit of detail that happens to her, while she can just rush them through and tell the readers what will really happen at the end.

And then, the idea of this novel clicked. Virginia really wanted to emphasize how we as human beings do not appreciate moments, how we disregard them and keep our days flowing by until we reach, what we think is a significant end that deserves some attention.

Why do we spend so much time thinking how the Lighthouse will feel like when we reach it, instead of just enjoying our journey and appreciating those unique defining moments?

Just a thought.