Monthly Archives: August 2012

And so the final countdown starts, two weeks till a new chapter officially opens in my life. I cannot say I am relaxed or cool about the idea of leaving my family, friends, school, and especially my country, behind me and live in a completely different place, with entirely different people. However, I do feel blessed. Blessed that God gave me all the tools that others may not have to enable me to study abroad. I am blessed  that I have such an incredible opportunity in front of me; studying law at the University of Edinburgh.

My enthusiasm and tension have been recently colliding in many ways. It feels strange not buying a school uniform this year, or going to pick up my books like I did for 12 continuous years. This time it won’t be ‘my first day of school with people I already know’, this time it’s ‘first day of university with people I have no clue about’.

I must say though, one of the reasons I am leaving here, is taking a break, taking a break from all the hypocrisy and immaturity. A fresh start is sometimes, what we all need, and I am thankful I can have it.

Will be blogging you before I hop on that plane two weeks from now.

Till then,

B 🙂