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Say hello to the capital city of Scotland!

I AM HERE. It took me a while, a very long while to fully adjust and settle in my dorm to actually be able to sit back and pointlessly update my blog. Well,  where I am is really really different from where I used to be. People actually smile, and I can see green trees and lands wherever I walk. Nevertheless, I do badly miss home. 

I took my lectures’ schedule and everything seemed real then, I am really going to be studying law and writing legal essays for the next four years. It is all very overwhelming, the whole experience of studying and living abroad all by yourself is pretty intimidating.

I just hope I make the best of it, at the end I really am in the city of which J K Rowling’s Harry Potter idea came from, the city of Conan Doyle and David Hume, in the city of the Royal Mile, and in the city of the University of Edinburgh. 

Wish me luck,

I’ll need it.



Jordan, I love you.


And here we are. I depart tonight & to the unknown with the hope of a successful four-year college experience.

No words can really describe how I feel as I leave my homeland behind. I was wondering why I didn’t cry when saying goodbye to lifetime friends or my family. I think I now know why; it is difficult to comprehend or even digest the fact that I am a 9 hour flight away from my house, my school, my grandmothers house, city mall or even our neighbourhood’s grocery store. It is these little things that make Amman, & Jordan, so special to me. I will miss listening to 99.9, 91.5 radio stations when taking a random drive around the house. I will miss seeing the pharmacist and the supermarket egyptian workers running to carry our bags whenever they see us coming. I will miss buying 1 JD hammoudeh dvds. I will miss randomly going to Gerard and the famous frosties for a summer night ice-cream. I will miss Amman’s sun and the nights’ breezes. I will miss going to people’s houses for minutes and ending up spending the day. I will miss family gatherings around mansaf. I will miss the long fridays. If I go on, I will never finish. Amman is not only a part of me, it is ME. And I hope, four years from now, I would be able to return and say I’M BACK & ready to make the difference that I aspire for.

Thank you for making me tough Jordan, thank you for giving me all the troubles and road bumps, it made me the person I am now; ready and set to live my future and go through whatever Edinburgh has in store for me.
I love you ❤