Jordan, I love you.


And here we are. I depart tonight & to the unknown with the hope of a successful four-year college experience.

No words can really describe how I feel as I leave my homeland behind. I was wondering why I didn’t cry when saying goodbye to lifetime friends or my family. I think I now know why; it is difficult to comprehend or even digest the fact that I am a 9 hour flight away from my house, my school, my grandmothers house, city mall or even our neighbourhood’s grocery store. It is these little things that make Amman, & Jordan, so special to me. I will miss listening to 99.9, 91.5 radio stations when taking a random drive around the house. I will miss seeing the pharmacist and the supermarket egyptian workers running to carry our bags whenever they see us coming. I will miss buying 1 JD hammoudeh dvds. I will miss randomly going to Gerard and the famous frosties for a summer night ice-cream. I will miss Amman’s sun and the nights’ breezes. I will miss going to people’s houses for minutes and ending up spending the day. I will miss family gatherings around mansaf. I will miss the long fridays. If I go on, I will never finish. Amman is not only a part of me, it is ME. And I hope, four years from now, I would be able to return and say I’M BACK & ready to make the difference that I aspire for.

Thank you for making me tough Jordan, thank you for giving me all the troubles and road bumps, it made me the person I am now; ready and set to live my future and go through whatever Edinburgh has in store for me.
I love you ❤


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