Monthly Archives: October 2012

It’s just like the bus.

Ever took the bus to work? university? school? anywhere?

If you never did, I strongly urge you to just hop on the next bus you see and go for a long journey. Some people just moan about having to take the bus everyday. Personally, I take it as one hell of a daily adventure, that now, I cannot see myself living without.

On the bus, you come across such random but so many important life changing people; toddlers, kids running around, teenagers, serious postgraduates, workaholic business men/women, the elderly and the physically or mentally challenged. No matter how many time they spend on the bus sitting in front of me or around me, even if for one minute, I feel I have learned something, that in some small way, these certain people have changed my life. You see kids with no care in the world, pure innocent smiles, and you just wish if you can tell them to stop growing, to never grow up, to never change into those tragic human beings our world is now full of. Whenever I see a physically challenged individual on a wheelchair getting into the bus, I feel how insignificant my daily worries and concerns are. How pathetic I sound when I witness someone who works hard on himself/herself, defies the odds and LIVES the life he/she has given by God, with love and hope. Just looking into their eyes, you can see they don’t want sympathy, they want empathy and appreciation. They want people to appreciate them for who they are, HUMAN BEINGS, not pathetic objects that are only used when we want our goodwill to appear. Upon meeting those people, even if for only a few seconds, even if they didn’t even see me, I feel I am blessed, I feel that I should be thankful instead of continuously moaning and nagging on how the weather is just a bit colder than yesterday, or because I don’t have the shoes I want, or because I didn’t eat what I wanted today.

Witnessing completely different people get on the bus every minute and learning from them is just the first half of the amazingness of the bus. The view outside the window, is actually what literally LITERALLY makes me want to fly off my feet. The feeling you get when you pass all those people, all those LIVES, all those buildings, all those trees, with your favourite song in your head, makes me feel like I’m living in this really good book.

The bus, is like life. Different people enter, different people leave. Some really touch your heart, others you’re just glad they left and a whole lot you wish you got to know more about them. We pass different stops; different historical buildings which once meant everything to someone. That feeling just makes me think of how broad life is, of how we may HATE this bus stop, but how others LOVE it, or 100 years ago it may have been someone’s shelter from life, one’s literal STOP ‘pause’, from the continuity of life.

When our own bus journey ends, we will know we have reached it, our personal destination, the place we are meant to end up in. Whether we arrive different: more understanding, more empathetic, more loving, more capable of doing good, a bigger faith in God and with better intentions in the heart, is COMPLETELY our choice. We can allow all these experiences and people we meet in our journey affect us positively and open us to new ideas and thoughts, or we can shut ourselves from the world and close our eyes from everything around us.

I prefer the first option, it has already made me a better stronger person..and I still have so many bus routes to hop on.

And till the end of my journey,

I thank you for reading my random thoughts 🙂