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A ‘first-class’ thought.

I live a life of wondering..     Wonder

Due to the fact I have been traveling a lot more than usual, being in a university that is far away from home and traveling back and fourth for the holidays, I became a frequent flyer and was able to collect airline points. During my most recent flight, I was happy to know that I had enough points to upgrade me into a first class business seat. I suffer from severe motion sickness, and knowing I would be more comfortable and sitting in the front of the plane decreased the tension of my body and brain.

Of course, as part of the ritual, I was guided through a ‘special’ entrance in the airport where my bags were checked in a ‘classy’ manner and my passport was stamped while I was standing in a very small queue. As I headed to the ‘VIP’ lounge, I passed all the ‘economy’ passengers and watched them in extremely long (it was the holidays season) lines, wait for their turns to come. The baggage area was so crowded, lines were massive, people were mad and well you get the picture. I also passed the ‘economy’ passengers waiting in front of their gates in this dim-like atmosphere with a couple of fast-food restaurants and coffee shops around them. 

Then I entered. A ‘luxurious’ lobby with fancy bathrooms and a breakfast buffet with all-you-can-eat-and-drink limit. Oh, the difference between the two waiting areas was astonishing, almost hard to believe that it is the same airport. The employees were smiling and the passengers faces were just lit. I, however, cannot eat prior to the flight due to my motion sickness, sat there and my mind just could not stop thinking about how our world is all about money.

My parents never really bought first class tickets, until my dad started to suffer from health problems and back pain. Through my childhood years, I never really remember thinking about sitting there, I just knew that there was another fancy part of the plane for the ‘business’ men. Thankfully, if we wanted to buy first class tickets we would, so this is not coming from an envy/jealousy feeling towards people who buy first class airline tickets. This is coming from WHAT IS HAPPENING TO OUR WORLD kind of feeling.

The VIP lounge was where my thoughts were triggered. The difference in the faces of the people in the airport downstairs and in the lounge is just so obvious. Downstairs, you can see tiredness and hard work. In the lounge, you can see relaxation and ease of mind. By this I don’t mean that everyone in the lounge does not work hard, no, I understand that there are a lot of people who work hard for their money and who are buying their relaxation with their own sweat and years of hard work. As illogical as it seems, why isn’t there a VIP lounge for the whole airport? Why should people be divided according to who has more money in airports too? Why should people who pull strings be seated in a much more luxurious area than people they are equal to?.

The lounge was just half of it. The shocking part is the actual plane. I won’t lie, it is one hell of an experience, you know those special chairs, those happy smiling flight attendants, the fancy food (that I sadly couldn’t eat), the continuous serving of drinks, the bathroom that is only used by 15 people, the bigger tv…etc. The difference is so massive between economy and business. Let alone, you don’t need to ring the bell 10 times for an attendant to come and then wait 2 hours for a small glass of water, everyone just wants to serve you in the business heaven.

Funny part is, there is a curtain which divides the plane, you know so the ‘upper’ classes of our society are not disturbed by the view of the of the second part of the plane. It may not be put there for that specific reason, but that is what I understood.

It’s sad really, how people are being divided to who owns more money not only on land, but also in air. Where we are literally hanging in the sky, not knowing if we will even arrive to our destination, we are still divided. We are still being called and treated on the basis of who has more money or who is willing to pay double the airline ticket.

Would I ever sit in the business class again?

If I was upgraded for free, then I honestly do not think I’d say no. But to allow my father to pay hundreds of JDs just for me to have a couple of luxurious hours, then definitely NOT. The money is better off given to a family who may live for months using it. Isn’t that a better investment?

After all, we are all, yes believe it or not, the whole plane, reaching the same destination. No one will arrive there first or second, all of us will together land, whether you’re a first/second class passenger, one of the crew team or the Pilot.

& in life it is the same situation, whether you’re a millionaire, a middle-class citizen or living below the poverty line, under the ground is where we will all lie, TOGETHER.

That is as far as I know, who knows, maybe first class graves and cemeteries would be created in the near future 😉

Just a thought.