A 200-troop idea

As I was watching the news last week, in between the headlines of more torture and death in the Arab World, it was written: “U.S. Sending 200 Troops To Jordan From Army Planning Unit To Help Contain Syria Violence”. From that moment on, Jordanians using social media were outraged and called against the decision. “No American armies on our land” one tweet said. “Our country does not welcome Israeli-supporters” a Facebook status said. 

Even people holding the usual Friday demonstrations had time to insert this topic to their posters and cheers, calling against it of course. Articles against it or trying to justify it were suddenly all over newspapers. The Muslim Brotherhood and many Members of the Parliament voiced their outrage as well. 

Let us assume that the USA is not here for Syria, which is without doubt a very very weak assumption as all they care about nowadays is investigating the ‘alleged’ nuclear weapons that the Syrian regime ‘allegedly’ has. What do they want from Jordan? We are a country completely independent on countries like the USA, they do not need to send 200 men to tell us that. 

Do you know wheat? The ingredient used to make the bread that we eat everyday? That comes from America. The iPhones we use and the new technological devices that we are so excited to play games on and tweet our ideas and Facebook our daily photos? Again, an American invention. The coffee we drink in the morning from cafes like Starbucks? A USA company which uses part of its profit to aid Israel. The laptops we use and the applications we download so we can facilitate our projects using Microsoft word or Photoshop? Again, an American product. The programs which made living away from home easier such as skype, tango, whatsapp, facetime? American. I could go on and on and you can also.

Why are we so frustrated about the USA and Israel invading the Arab World when they already have? Why are we so angry about having 200 American men, which I am sure they’re are personally each one of them not happy about leaving their families and country behind and being played like toys by their Government, coming to Jordan?

We, each and everyone of us, have already allowed them to enter our homes. We continue to be consumers and they continue to be producers. 

I do not believe in the argument that these USA troops are coming for Jordan. They couldn’t care less. Main aim is now Syria and what happens there. Unfortunately the only way through the Syrian borders is Jordan. That’s it. Whether you voice out your concerns and outrage or not, it won’t matter. This is politics and survival is always for the toughest. How can a very small country stand in the way of the USA? Knowing of course, that we rely on the USA for almost everything we use daily.

We have been previously invaded, not by 200 men but by 200,000,000 American inventions.


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