W is for War


Image The Middle East has never been really a topic off the table. There is always a headline in the morning newspapers about a new Arab country being bombed or under attack, either by a foreign country or ironically enough, its own people. Two years ago, a revolution against the Tunisian regime sparkled and till now the Arab world has never really calmed down. 

             Tunis, Libya, Egypt, Yemen and Syria have had their countries revolt and countless changes have affected the area. Probably the most significant is Syria. Many people believe that this is no Arab Spring and that it is all a Western agenda, which targets to change the whole geographical and political basis of the Middle East. You cannot really deny some truth in that. A revolution is not really successful when only the head/President of a regime is eliminated, you need to educate people, increase literacy, teach them how to be ‘democratic’ and how to debate and listen to each other. One cannot just stand in the street yelling and protesting against a regime and then expect himself or his party to rule. This is not how a well-rounded democracy work. Unfortunately, this is what has happened in most countries, especially Syria. 

        Suddenly, hidden underground warriors emerged in Syria and started spreading terrorism and fear. Killing people who disagreed with them or who simply were from a different religion or cult. At first, the Syrian revolution was honest and pure. It was simply a population, living under a tightened up regime which masks as a Republican but is nothing from that sort, revolting and calling for freedom. It however, quickly transformed into an internal war which involves the Free Syrian Army, Jabhit Al Nasra, anyone against Al Assad AND Al Assad’s people. Innocent people are being stepped on while these two sides continue to fight.

       Arming this collection of opposition was probably the biggest mistake the West has ever done. Giving murderous tools to easily brainwashed people just confirmed that there is something more than a peaceful revolution happening there. Are ALL Western minds, who are responsible for all of this technological development in our present world, that stupid and ignorant that they do not know who they are arming anymore? Or is it intentional? 

      2 years later..2 million Syrian refugees and a light at the end of the tunnel cannot be seen. The White House, Westminster, Washington and all those that follow are now talking WAR! Another foreign intervention for an alleged crime allegedly committed by the regime. I just see it as an excuse to invade Syria and finish off what and who’s left there. Have we become this cold blooded people that we really do not fight for what is right? For what could bring us years of blood,refugee camps,torture and most importantly humility. 

Let us once have dignity and put an end to this.

Yes, W is for War.

But S is for STRONG, for STRENGTH, for SUPPORT..

S is for Syria. 


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