To Jordan, with love


Buildings, cars, lights and noises all around

But I see and hear nothing..

All I can think about is how attached I am to this country

Its soil is in the air that I inhale, its warmth is the love my heart feels.

Roaming around the capital city of Jordan

Amman is all I can think of.

Driving around, looking at people, all kinds of people..

My country has wrapped them all

Though small, JO has a big heart, a heart that fits everyone who needs a roof over his head or

a safe sanctuary.

All through the famous hectic down town, each corner of it representing a legend

To Jabal Luweibdeh with its beautiful architecture and the people’s kindness

To Jabal Amman..each street is a story of its own..each person you meet with a story to narrate

To the second, third, fourth and fifth circles, I enjoy everything I see..the changing colours of the Le Royal makes my heart beat.

If I continue, I may never stop. Each area of Amman is special. Each city of Jordan is strikingly dazzling.

I now taste a salty water drop coming down to my lip

Aah it must be the bitter tear of leaving.

For a few months I leave you my beloved Amman,

My radiant Jordan, I pray you are safe and sound now, tomorrow and forever,

Keep those arms and heart open for whoever needs them,

And don’t forget me, for I am your most loyal daughter,



One thought on “To Jordan, with love

  1. I live in Europe too, and your post just discribed exactly what i feel everytime i am back =) thank you for those beautiful words.. i think i am a new fan of your blog now =)

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