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2013: The World, the Middle East and I.

From the continuous horrifying Syrian situation to another Egyptian revolution, 2013 has definitely been an eventful year for the Middle East, and on a personal level my favourite/worst year.

I am still forbidden from visiting Syria and Lebanon, countries which are less than a 5-hour drive, because of the degrading internal Syrian war and the continuous terrorist activities on Lebanon. 2013 for Iraq was not any different from the past 10 years, where bombs, attacks, abductions and life threatening dilemmas still revolve around that beautiful country and its people. I am embarrassed to say anything about Palestine, because here we are saying goodbye to another year leaving that Holy Land in the same if not a worser situation. The Egyptian people have yet succeeded in overthrowing another regime which had the ability to draw Egypt back to the stone age. However, Egypt still drowns in security issues and violent consequences. There seems to be no light at the end of tunnel for the Middle East, and no hope in restoring the faith in humanity, which is now to be found between the bodies of children and the tears of the elderly. However, if we do work constructively and aid in the process of digging the tunnel and removing all filthy habits and social issues, then I am sure we can find this light in order to pass through it and get out this hell-hole we are currently living in.

It isn’t a better view when you step out of the Middle East, 2013 have witnessed a whole lot of troubles on the international level with the UK and the USA struggling economically and politically. Obama’s administration announcing their intention to strike Syria was just a drop of a rain in a storm, which showed how the USA is really ready to repeat the Iraqi scenario all over again! Africa, like many others, still suffer from poverty, hunger and illiteracy. It is a sad situation over there and I hope 2014 would shed the light on it, so it would be the year we all have been waiting for!

Me? Well, I might have learned a couple of lessons the hard way. I now know that life is hard. It is not about school, exams, friends and family, it is more than that. Life is about health, knowledge, social skills, spirituality, respecting others, accepting everyone and leaving the stress zone. I am still 19 years old, I am sure there will be a lot of words which would be added and deleted to my list of ‘What is life’ in the coming years. I am now stronger and more able to adapt to whatever surrounding I am in. Talking to more people and improving my social skills is something I definitely was successful in during 2013, but one important point I gathered from this, was trusting less and less people. Lots of people have always told me that when they first saw me they thought I was that cold human being with a look that shouts ‘stay away from me or I will eat you’. Trust me, I try to show my friendlier face whenever I am in a first impression situation. However, I did study that ‘not so friendly’ look that I always had, and concluded that it was due to the awful things I saw from people and my tendency to stay away. 2013 was definitely a change from that aspect, I’d like to think that my ‘don’t talk to me’ look has changed and I now give that look to people who I doubt their sincerity and their intentions towards me. Academically, I got used to law school and now I can write legal essays in a much easier way than the year before. It is definitely an ‘adrenaline rush’ feeling when you know what the hell your professor is talking about and engage with it.

2013 has changed me and the world around me. It might have been my worst year where I have heard and seen pieces of news that I never really imagined. A lot has happened and I cannot really put it all here, I just tried to summarise the main issues which our world is currently suffering from.

Let us pray for a better, healthier, peaceful, meaningful, humane 2014.

Thank you for reading my blog this year and I hope you will keep on reading my random thoughts. Remember, I only put words into sentences, hoping someone out there would make sense out of it.

May 2014 be a very HAPPY new year.


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