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A 14th of February Conversation

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So as the plane was taking off on Valentine’s Day of 2014, I spot a very intriguing article headline: ‘lovenomics’. It’s a term which is used in situations where sometimes love needs to be expressed in money.
The article goes on explaining the economic gains that shops and retail stores end up with after Valentine’s Day. It is also worthy to note that with each year, populations like the UK & the USA are spending more and more on this occasion.
I never really cared about this day but as I am getting older, it’s either that I notice things more or that things around me are becoming noticeable.
As I was reading, there was this fairly old man sitting next to me who kept on reading with me that I waited for him to finish before I flipped the page. After ‘we’ were done reading, he started saying something which sounded like: ‘do you want a background check?’ I nodded (for those who don’t know me, I watch too many Criminal Minds episodes & prefer to stay away from strangers, but nevertheless his eyes deserved a reply). Read this with a strong Scottish accent and Morgan Freeman’s tone of voice, he started: “countless myths talk about a St Valentine and the Roman world, but the one I would like to believe and which is the most common is the St Valentine who was imprisoned, the St Valentine who risked his life to perform weddings for soldiers forbidden to marry, the St Valentine who healed the daughter of his own jailer and probably fell in love with her. Imagine that? Falling in love with the only person you cannot marry and whose own father is going to execute you?. He bid her a farewell, you know, his last words were ‘Your Valentine’. Now you tell me, you seem like a smart girl, you’re talking to me aren’t ya? (Hohohoho), where was I? Ah yes, tell me, is breaking up with your boyfriend or getting upset with your husband or crying because you’re single seem appropriate on a day named after this Saint who sacrificed his life to join two hearts? Is buying gifts for your pets *in the article there was a study saying that Americans spent 227 million dollars on Valentine gifts to their pets* a sign of true love?. Love is not about money you know, it’s anything but money. You can ask me, I’ve been married for a while now, she passed away, but I am still married to her. I loved her to the extent where I would die if I knew she would be happy for a lifetime. You know who I also loved? My mother. Yes, she is also someone I remember on St Valentine’s day.
Ah well, you’re still young. When you’re my age you’ll be perfectly aware that love is kindness love is family love is giving someone a lift when they need it love is scarifying your life for it. It is not a day when a single country can spend millions of dollars only to avoid a break up or a fight. Make your days filled with flowers everyday, love hard my dear, love hard. It is the only truth in this sneaky world.
And now if you don’t mind, I have to see my grandsons after we land; meaning I need some sleep hohohoho”.
To the new friend who I don’t think I’ll ever see again, good night and Happy St. Valentine’s Day!