23 Vintage Photos of Egypt’s Golden Years


Egyptian Streets

A woman reading a magazine in the 1950s A woman reading a magazine in the 1950s

By Mohamed Khairat, Founder, EgyptianStreets.com

Egypt in the 1900s was a different place. Egyptian cinema was the third largest in the world, Cairo was a city that foreigners dreamt of spending their holidays exploring, Egyptian music flourished and shook the world, Jews, Muslims and Christians lived together as neighbours, and women had freedoms that were unheard of in many other countries.

Egypt was a place of liberal spirits, unhampered by sectarian and ethnic prejudices. The rights of men, women and children were championed.

Yet, all that has changed, and often may Egyptians forget the Egypt that used to be. Here are 23 photographs of vintage advertisements and other images that will teleport you to Egypt’s ‘golden years’ and show you an Egypt you may have forgotten ever existed.

(These photographs are available thanks to ‘Vintage Egypt. Click here for more)

1. “The Japanese do…

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4 thoughts on “23 Vintage Photos of Egypt’s Golden Years

  1. That was fun to read! 🙂 thanks for sharing.

    “الشعب الذي لا يحترم الستات” = big lol for that

  2. Hi, i liked what you said and its truly the feeling of many Egyptians, but oppression is a slow killer since 1952 its side effects exploded around the 1990s until now i enjoy the most 1970s comedy plays the same with many movies,singers and music….. people claim the British occupation was behind all this i despise this idea to the max, on the contrary i think its cultural envy and the urgency created by the occupation… Egyptians were nice and tolerant tot the max… rarely you would hear a problem with Christians even Greeks and italians and jews were abundant were i live (Alex) oppression created deformed religious mentalities and adding to it the intended lack of funding for education (cause they rather have an ignorant population where conspiracy and big brother theories can work flawlessly) this resulted in this pile of *** you see nowadays.
    without religious maniacs at least Egyptians will have the compass on the right direction again.

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