I always loved titling my posts. It is usually my starting point, I think it through and try to make it as appealing to the eye as ever. An English Literature mentor once told me that your title summarises everything, one, two, three or four words can describe the entire text beneath. OK, so now that we have established I love writing titles, I have decided to make this blog post ‘title-less’. Not because I have nothing to write about, trust me I can ramble on till tomorrow, ask my closest friends they have always wondered if I can NOT have an opinion on something for a change. Title-less is this post, because I feel our world is becoming world-less, and human-less. You can congratulate me now, I have officially put second year behind me and can finally breath some freedom, sleep more than 4 hours, ditch caffeine and indulge in my favourite novels without a care in the world. Or that is what I thought.

When I started this year last September and saw the amount of work and courses I have to take, I just couldn’t wait till May the 15th. Which is today.  Yes today is the day I have longed for the past 9 months. When the clock hit 11 am in the exam hall today, my smile widened, my sleepless eyes opened, my face blossomed, and I felt a huge burden fall off my back. But now I wonder why did this feeling last for only an hour or two?

Maybe it is because I remembered those 276  Nigerian girls abducted from their school? maybe because I remembered Syria and the constant blood shedding its enduring? maybe because I remembered the 66th anniversary of the Nakba and the people who were forced to leave their houses? maybe because I remembered Iraq’s constant bomb shelling and suicidal attacks? maybe because I remembered that man who lost his son? maybe because I remembered that woman suffering from an incurable cancer?

You know where these maybes are coming from, and you can continue the pattern for me. Each one of us can name at least a few dozens of catastrophes which happen to people around us, our countries, or to our world. This is a very random post, so here is another random maybe unrelated story. As I was walking a couple of nights ago to get some food and nourish my brain before I continue studying, I saw a man a few metres away from me kneeling to his bike. As I came closer I saw his blood and he was really in pain. It was an extremely busy street at around 6 pm, hence everyone is leaving work and more than 11 people passed him before I did. No one stopped. Literally, no one stopped and asked the man who could barely stand with blood all around if he needed anything. When I looked him in the eye I saw tears, he was traumatised from the accident. Told me that he was riding his bike when a man hit him and he fell on his nose and head causing the bleeding. He told me if I can just stick around for a couple of seconds so he can just talk to someone  before the man who hit him comes back from getting some napkins. 5 minutes went by, and we both knew that the man is not coming back. I ran into the nearest coffee shop got him napkins and some water. He seemed fine and told me he will be around people in a few minutes, in case there is internal bleeding or something. As he left, I kept on thinking, are we that sucked into our own worlds and bubbles that we cannot stop and see the people around us? and when we do, are we that ‘oblivious’ to the fact that sometimes people need help? sometimes a complete stranger just needs someone to talk him through something, to ease the pain, to make him feel his presence, not that he is invisible. It’s either that the man was a ghost and I was the only one who could see him and the long track of blood surrounding the area, or that people are losing that thing which differentiated us from every living specie, humanity. We are losing empathy, losing sympathy and along the way we are losing ourselves.

I think that is why, today after I finished exams, I realised that I should not be happy only because I MYSELF finished something. I should be happy because someone else survived cancer. Or because a homeless man got a home. Or because I see Syrian children smiling. Or because Palestinians are still holding on. Or because Iraqis’ strong will is something we should all aspire to have. Or because, despite all our problems, we are ONE.

We are one, one in humanity. And we should act upon it. Stop the hatred, stop stealing freedom from others. Those Nigerian girls are still on my mind, and I hope that sooner than tonight we will all be happy for them because they’ll sleep in their parents’ arms.

Empathy people, empathy. Let us feel together. Be sad together. Be happy together. What’s the point if you’re the only one smiling in a world full of tears?


2 thoughts on “Title-less

  1. Conveying a noble message as always, Badia!
    One of the first things we’re taught in first aid is never leave the person injured! They may be fine physically, but get worse or even die out of shock if left alone without consultation!!

  2. Thanks for yr words.
    We are one indeed; we want the same obvious things. We want a meaningful life, we want our work to be appreciated, we want someone who reaches out for us when we need to, we want to fairness, we want our kids to get better education, we want to know they r safe & happy, we want to ease a fellow-soul human being misery as much as we can, we want.. we want.. etc. Basic things, themes that ALL of us can agree on even though some obscure those and -along the way- manipulate or mistreat such basic “themes”.

    I hope you will have a good and relaxing time. Well-done for yr hard work on yr studies and respect for being aware of the bigger picture.

    The 11 people who passed by and offered nothing to the injured man; I am not “defending” them but probably one or two offered help in the past and ended up in an unexpected situation (not going to elaborate more), the rest would walk-by because of such “stories” they hear when someone gets “involved” with a stranger, especially if it is not (to their view) a major threatening incident or an emergency.

    What I am trying to say is that we are -I hope!- generally good rather than evil but we tend to mind our own business because this is becoming the matter of things, the culture. We r so ever disconnected and feeding such alienation amongst our fellow human beings (I like to say that reference more than the word people!) with mechanisms as well as concepts that lead to such end. It is sad, definitely. I can claim those people felt bad about themselves and weren`t indifferent but -still- walked away! We need to alter this in ourselves, not just because we might be in a similar situation, rather because it is part, essential part, of our human fabric. Risks of neglecting this are all around us! We are, plainly, killing each other, not respecting the “value” of differences

    Have a nice time off nonetheless, enjoy it and don`t feel “guilty” about it 🙂

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