Heaven gained a Bashar

How hasty is death? How cruel is the thing which comes faster than lightening and kidnaps the people who are closest to our hearts? How meaningless life seems when we cannot share it with those who care about us the most? Despite it all, it is the inevitable, and one day, maybe even tomorrow, it may take me. It is an event that will certainly happen, but when is the question that will never be answered, as our Creator is the only who has it. Some are taken too soon, and in this post I will tell you about a man, a father of a childhood friend, a husband of one of life’s rarest jewels, and most importantly a genuine heart that our world will deeply miss.

Bashar Abdulhadi, a man of his word. A charismatic character and an enthusiastic soul. I remember meeting him for the first time 10 years ago, I was in the fifth grade, and Laith his son was bullying me, in his very humorous way of course. I was that nerdy geek and Laith was the type who loved teasing me about it and just making everyone laugh. One day, Amo Bashar approached me and started apologising in a very funny way on behalf of his ‘idiotic’ son as he joked about the topic. He really made me smile, and because of him, a year later Laith was as close as a brother to me. Being the nerd I am and Laith well being Laith, we used to take lessons together, and I can still hear Amo Bashar’s distinct voice echoing from behind. He added an extremely hilarious vibe in the atmosphere and was always a man of his word. One day, Laith had a problem in school, and I remember him coming all the way from work just to defend his son and stand up for him. He was a proud father, he should be, he has 3 brilliant children, and as they say whoever brings offsprings into this world, never dies.

I can go on and on about the stories which I encountered with this amazing man throughout my years in school. As we grew up and time passed, I got to know him more, and my admiration increased to how much of a man he is. A hardship hit my family around 3 years ago, and as we came through it, Amo Bashar and his dear dear wife were one of the most helpful people, ever. I will never forget how much they offered us and how much they did to help us through, even in the tiniest details. The last time I saw him was in January when he came over for Christmas. If I knew, if I only knew it would be the last time I hear that voice and see that wide wide smile I would’ve paused time and enjoyed that moment. But that is the thing about death, we never know when it will strike. Do you know what was the last story which came out of his mouth in my presence? It was about religious coexistence. He narrated to me a story about how an Imam of a Mosque in Madaba fell ill and could not do the Ramadan prayers, hence the Church in Madaba rang its bells to alert people of the times of prayers. After that, the Mosque wanted to thank the Church for their help and so built a Mosque and named it: عيسى إبن مريم. He then told me, you see Badia, how important it is, how significant the religious co-exitance in Jordan and how it plays a part in the development of our heritage.

I am glad, I am glad this was the last story I heard from him, it showed his genuine loving heart and how he always believed in the essence of ALL religions; love. Through that story, he conveyed his message, a message of love and acceptance. He accepted and loved others, no matter who they were or what they believed in. If there were more Bashars, our world would be a better one.

He also told me he was so enthusiastic to watch the World Cup, and now whenever I see ads about it, I instantly remember him. His tremendous love for football and cheering. I guess he’ll have a first class ticket to watch it this year, from above.

I know Earth lost an angel, but Heaven gained a Bashar.

Rest in peace.


One thought on “Heaven gained a Bashar

  1. Allah yir7amo.

    What a heartfelt post. Great words and clearly an inspirational man.

    yr last line said it all I guess. I hope his fav team wins and he celebrates that! 🙂

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