Au revoir 2014

This year reminds me of Fairuz’ song: “تنذكر ما تنعاد”. Hectic, chaotic, bloody, messy, troubled, unclear and devastating. These are the key words I remember when I go over the events of the year.

Speaking of the Middle East, did we really see THIS coming? the current continuous bloodshed? Doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon, and one cannot help but wonder, what makes me so lucky that I am still away from it? What makes us, and the people we love safe from all of it, despite the fact that we are no longer thousands and thousands of miles away from war. but just a 3-to-4-hour drive? Ya Allah…I think we are so blessed to be living in this safe land, while the countries we once visited to have lunch or to cruise through Souk Al Hamadyeh, or to enjoy the sceneries in Baghdad, are no longer ‘visitable’.

One event which really felt like a punch in the stomach was the video footage from Mount Sinjar (where thousands of Iraqi Yazidis were running for their lives from the terrorists who entered their cities). When helicopters sent out food and supplies to those trapped on the Mountain, the helicopter would lower down to throw the boxes, and you can see people throwing their small children into the helicopter. OUFT!! Imagine, knowing that you have no chance in living anymore, and that you want to save your own children from the same fate. These people, more than half of them dead, will never know if their children got a chance of a decent life, where they went or if they ever made it. Painful painful, and we are not even those suffering. And yes by the way, their only fault was the fact that they belonged to a different cult/religion. THAT IS IT.

I can go on and list events which would make one feel dizzy, nauseus and hate life. but what is the point? 5 minutes later we forget it. We pray and forget. What can we do? I have asked myself this question more than 100 times this year, and I never found an answer. I will do what I can and pray pray that 2015 starts in a different way, a way that is more peaceful, with less hate, less killing, less torture. And that will only happen with a miracle from above.

2014, تنذكري ما تنعادي..تنذكري ما تنعادي..


3 thoughts on “Au revoir 2014

  1. Great article ! Thanks for always putting our thought into words , it’s very relieving to have a clearer aspect of things through people like you …2014 was definately horrible …تنذكر ما تنعاد

  2. Great words Badia, we hope and hope and hope but no indications 2015 will be better unfortunately, all my prays with ppl around us.

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