The ‘bastard’ son

11020311Baghdad: View from the Sheraton Hotel, 1990.

As I try to pinpoint the exact time this so-called ‘ISIS’ group started to appear in the Middle East, I notice an escalation in their activities after the 2003 invasion on Iraq; 607 % rise of annual terrorism attacks (28.3 attacks per year before and 199.8 after). I am not at al denying that terrorism did not exist before that, but the whole invasion was based on false grounds (WHAT weapons of mass destruction?!) & having one Arab terrorist at that time did not mean all Arabs are. I also came across a very interesting thing someone said about ISIS: “ISIS is the bastard son of the American invasion on Iraq”. 

          Let us indulge in the truth of this statement for a little bit. This ‘son’, born out of an illegal illegitimate unfair inhumane rape, was raised by a violent father, who raped Iraq, and left her without ANY single resource to nurture the product his rape produced. The son grew up to: 1) hate the West, but get funds from it as after all, they are still his father 2) hate his mother because she has nothing and cannot afford to give him anything, hence this son does not belong to anyone nor does he have anything to lose, his mother is already ruined and he does not fear death. The son grows up, his extremism in thinking grows along with him, there is no education, no stable economy and no country that he feels he belong to. The oil and the products which his mother richly produces and used to generously distribute it without cost to her neighbours, are now in the hands of the father who continuously steals it or gets it under the co-operation of his son. Currently, the mother is now old and exhausted with an illegitimate son who has gone wild and does not love her as her previous legitimate loving sons and daughters did. Sadly, she is all alone to deal with him, she and her fellow Arab neighbours, will have to control this monster now before it produces more and more of ISIS kind. They also have to keep an eye on the father, who still seems to have an intention to rape more and more and produce more ‘bastards’..that is if he haven’t already did.

يا جماعة.. أكلنا يوم أكل الثور الأبيض 


One thought on “The ‘bastard’ son

  1. Badia as always a thought provoking piece of writing. This has touched my heart as I miss my beloved Iraq where I spent many happy years.

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