Earlier this year, it was formally announced that Prince Ali Bin Al-Hussein will be running for the leadership of The Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA). I have to admit, I am not one of those people who knows every player in every world league, but I do know one thing and that is Prince Ali should be next to lead this huge association.

Why? Well for one, he is honest, credible and passionate about the game itself. FIFA needs to recollect itself as it has lost what it stands for after multiple corruption scandals. FIFA is all about football, it is about letting everyone and anyone ENJOY the game. Prince Ali has that required energy to bring it back to what it used to be. Prince Ali founded a non-profit youth commission ‘The Asian Football Development Project’, which is a platform for the youth to address social and and developmental objectives through football. He believes that football has the power to change lives and overcome social obstacles. It can bring people and countries closer to each other, and develop countries in need. Who better to lead the international association of football than someone who believes in the essence of the game itself, and does not take into consideration the personal financial/material gains? Prince Ali is painting a bigger picture, a picture that can develop Asia and the world.

One interesting accomplishment of Prince Ali, one that every Arab and Muslim should be proud of, is the lifting of the Hijab ban for women in sports. Before Prince Ali championed the historical moment, women wearing the hijab were disqualified from competing in world-class sports because of their hijab. While rallying to lift the ban, Prince Ali said: “We have a responsibility to ensure that all women who wear a headscarf are able to participate in the game they love. Football is a sport for all”. 

Is there really someone out there who could be better than Prince Ali leading FIFA? I don’t know about you, but I think not. Europe has announced that it welcomes Prince Ali’s candidacy. Prince Ali has dedicatedly stated that he will turn Fifa into a “transparent, democratic leadership”. All is required that countries, ESPECIALLY, Arab countries support this young aspirational Prince. He is committed to his work, and will play a huge part in changing the way the world see Arabs. If we stay on the same path we are at now, we will always be remembered for being ‘war lovers’ and we will always be countries that universities will study and write essays about when discussing politics and war consequences..but we can change that.

We, ARABS, would be able to say, the President of THE FIFA, is an Arab. He is just like you and I. He is no different, he is leading an international association, and he will be brilliant. Take the chance we have, to be known for something other than the stereotypical Arab image..defy the ‘terrorist’ media propaganda..

Arab countries stand with this young Arab Prince..let him be the youngest FIFA President since 1904..let the son of the legendary late King Hussein clean the name of FIFA ..let the son of the great Queen Alia, who died in a plane crash while on the way to help a hospital in need, achieve our goals in sports..let him deliver football to children who enjoy the game but cannot play..let him champion women’s rights in competing..let him be the next big thing..let him make us proud and let him make a difference.


Last but not least, let’s be clear about one thing, if this voting procedure is all about transparency, development, democratic management and the right ethics for football, then everyone should be shouting: ALI FOR FIFA.


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