Monthly Archives: June 2015

5 Hours and 17 Minutes


A friend of mine, who lives in Lebanon, asked me to check out the location of a certain place as I had faster access to the internet. I am used to searching for places in the UK, where I study, and hence always get the same message from google maps “No routes found”, because common sense, how can an app possibly find a walking/car distance route from Amman to a location which is seas away?

Anyway, I am rambling off point, as I entered the Lebanese address, I expected an error message, but it actually found a route. An app, on my mobile phone, found a simple route to Lebanon which only takes 5 hours. Lebanon was closer or let us say approximately the same distance away Amman is from Aqaba (another city in Jordan).

Why is it depressing to know that Lebanon is 5 hours away? because you cannot go there. You simply cannot get in your car and drive there, the Syrian war stands in between. It blocks you, it shatters you, it destroys you. Syria is bleeding, and Syria is 2 hours away.

This is just a random post, a post to show myself and anyone reading this how close Syria is, how close Lebanon is, how close Palestine is, how the Arab World has no real boundaries, its just an illusion, its just some fences and solid borders, its not a bed of water, nor a high mountain. We are one, we cannot alienate ourselves from what is happening in Syria, we cannot pretend that the Palestinian conflict does not affect us and we cannot stand still to what is happening around us. We cannot ignore it and live in our bubble, yes it is not only wrong, but it is also NOT POSSIBLE.

Remember, Lebanon is a 5-hour drive, and Syria is a 2-hour one.