Monthly Archives: April 2017

sensibile & sensitive 

My high school principal once defined my sister & me in what my mum described as extremely accurate: the sensibile sister and the sensitive sister.

I could see where he was coming from. I always had been known to be more mature for my age and my sister’s tears are always ready to pour down. We went together nicely. But what really strikes me now is hearing so many comments from people about myself being “too sensivite”.

Apparently, in the “adult” world, being sensitive is not something to gloat about. One should build a chinese wall, be immune to any and all events, and think from the mind not from the heart. I’m not. And I will not change.

I will remain sensitive. I will always care when I see others in pain or hurt. I will always be happy others are too and I will always be affected with what others think of me.

Call me weak. Call me too nice. Call me easy to build and wreck. But I tell you, being sensitive is all the above’s opposites. 

It is knowing whose opinions matter. It is knowing what to say and when to say it. It is knowing what words and actions to say and do. I am sensitive. And I will always be that way. I just hope my sense is never negatively affected by the increased sensitivity 😝