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The Arab ‘Spring’.

I don’t know that much about politics to discuss it. I haven’t studied internal and external issues of countries to thoroughly debate them. Politics and war zone arguments, I believe are extremely sensitive and need accuracy with zero percent of error to be correctly debated upon, and so considering the fact that I yet do not know enough facts to base my arguments on, I prefer attacking issues from a human perspective.

Ironically, the world has been calling the Arab World revolutions as an Arab SPRING, highlighting the power that people are forcing on their governments and ruling systems. The word spring reflects the time  of the year where the flourishing of flowers occurs and the sky is crystal clear. What I see, is everything but a spring, it has been more than a year now and people are dying, numbers are increasing, and this so called spring is not coming!

I understand the fact that people are dying, or scarifying themselves for the sake of freedom for their country and future families. But this is just WRONG. I bet you, half of the population doesn’t even mind the old ruling system nor do they suffer from it, the media is portraying everything with utter hyperbolic expressions and reports. However, I cannot confirm this, nor can anyone UNLESS you are physically there and witnessing those cold blooded murders in action.

Take Syria for example, massacres are occurring almost every day and by the time it is over, by the time the kids are slaughtered, by the time men are dragged away from their own houses, opposing reports come from different groups and from the system pointing fingers and blaming ‘outside’ agendas.

Does it really matter? Did the human kind evolve without a conscious? Personally, when I see a homeless dog/cat I feel heartbroken, how would someone feel shooting people like they are animals and stepping on them like ants?! EVERY SINGLE person you kill, torture, or lock up you are depriving a family from their father, mother, grandfather, grandmother, wife, husband..etc.

I just hope people out there would hear me, whether it is the system of the opposition, don’t be brainwashed and become murderous villains.. love each other, TALK DEBATE. Don’t go killing each other for the sake of freedom, we are ALL from the SAME human race, . In this way, it will NEVER COME.

Show the outside world, show them for once that us Arabs are united that we care for each other and that we are BROTHERS. Our biggest failure is Palestine! But we can still change it, we can, together we cannot go down!! We just need to COMMUNICATE.

Don’t make this Arab Spring an Arab Hell where we will all burn eventually. An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.

Just a random thought.