Months away!

There is really no better time to be blogging than when I am swamped with work, and I really need to share this: I AM ONE MONTH AWAY FROM SUBMITTING MY DISSERTATION. I am literally a couple of weeks away from saying goodbye to law school!

I can’t believe this, and in one way time has passed so slowly, but in another, I think it was yesterday that I had my first lecture.

Oh well, life does flash by so quickly, and I am surprisingly enjoying all the no-sleep nights, procrastination, anxiety attacks, deadlines and the pressure of law school, because guess what? In a few weeks, it will all be water under the bridge!

Wish me luck..


2 thoughts on “Months away!

  1. Make the best of them. U already know u r going to miss this (the school, the venues, the uni, the library (maybe not! :)) all of it. So turn that into a force that will make you cherish what time is left. DO ONE OR TWO THINGS THAT U HAVE NOT DONE YET AS A UNI-LIFER 🙂

    Best of luck in your dissertation.

    * And of course don’t forget to start saying goodbye to the city too!

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